A balanced diet is fundamental to the recovery of a patient in hospital. Before the establishment of the Hospital Kosher Meals Service back in 1968, kosher food was not available to an Inpatient. Sure, friends and family would try their best to deliver food, but it was a logistical nightmare and what about if a patient didn’t have local family or friends?

With the ever growing Jewish community in and around London, the need for an organised system to bring kosher food to hospital patients became more pressing and so, in 1968, Hospital Kosher Meals Service was inaugurated.

Over the years, the organisation has grown and evolved and today we supply a range of menus, soups, desserts, puree meals and sandwiches as well as vegetarian options and special dietary meals to cater for all tastes and needs. The food is prepared to the highest standards of health and kashrus and double wrapped so it can be heated in hospital ovens, enabling us to serve patients piping hot nutritious food. 

With daily deliveries to hospitals in the Greater London area, a hot meal is no longer a wishful dream, but a standard reality.

Our Standards

Food is produced in the UK, to the highest standards of food hygiene and technology, to EC Standards

Accreditations from DEFRA, STS and the CMI/BRC Technical Standard higher level

All meals are produced under the licensing authority of “Kedassia”

We have been accredited by them with Public Sector Small & Regional Business Standard approval

All meals are produced under the licensing authority of “KLBD”

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